Next Tournament List ... RIW Hobbies 3/12/16

Warhammer 40,000 – There's another local tournament coming up in March, this one has some slightly odd variations (I'm going to just have to accept that outside of my basement playing 40K per the official rules isn't going to happen.) but I settled on a list that I need to get painted and assembled before the event.

For this event the restrictions are 1500 points, single faction, required to have at least one Combined Arms Detachment, Forgeworld allowed. So this means no Knights, no Gladius, no Raven Guard formations, no White Scars Formations etc. I talked with the organizer about this and I guess in their local scene they typically only run a single flyer (if any), a single super heavy and don't do much in the way of allies. Since the event is geared towards them the restrictions and special missions are geared to not favor standard tournament lists. Which makes sense, even though I think this will skew towards some alien races that have big baddies as part of their standard codex lists.

The list I settled on is as follows:

HQ - Chaplain

Elite - Command Squad, 4X meltas and Apothecary; Drop Pod with Deathwind Launcher

Elite - Sternguard Veterans, 2X meltas, Power Fist; Drop Pod

Elite - Sternguard Veterans, 2X meltas, Stormbolter; Drop Pod 

Troop - Scout Squad, shotguns Powerfist

Troop - Scout Squad, shotguns Meltabombs

Fast - Land Speeder Multimelta Assault Cannon

Fast - Land Speeder Multimelta Assault Cannon

Fast - Storm Talon Lascannon, Assault Cannon

Heavy - Devastators, 4X Mulitmelta; Razorback Twin-linked Lascannon 

It's pretty straight forward and skewed against my local groups preference for Tank Commander Guard, but I think it's something I can live with playing for some time. So my focus will be to practice with this list and get everything painted before the event.

Currently I have to finish assembling the melta marines and get them primed and painted. The rest of the army has the basic colors blocked in but I need to bring them to completion. I also want to get all the marines on the 32mm bases I've been working on making for my chapter.