The road to 1500

Warhammer 40,000 – I've been lacking posts as of late, because I've been focused on two major projects; my Space Marines (which I've been putting off finishing) and an intense demon project for a client. With a 1500 point tournament looming of 3/12 I've been primarily focused on getting my list fully painted. For game nights I'm fine with just getting three colors on the models so I can tell which are mine, but for events I like to have my list fully painted to my personal top standard. 

With just under a week to go before the event, I've been able to get about 80% of my list complete. I still need to put the decals on the infantry, but they've all be switch over to the new 32mm standard base size for Space Marines. 

I just have the drop pods to wrap up painting on and then I'll focus on getting the decals on all the models before Saturday. If I can snag best painted with this list I'll be happy regardless of how I do in the three games.

After I wrap up the Demon commission I'll focus on getting the next 1500 list built for my Twilight Ravens that will focus on bikes and grav weapons. I'm enjoying painting them to fill list better than I like painting to complete squads. I think that was the problem with my chapter challenge, rather than getting playable lists I was focusing on cranking out tactical squad after tactical squad which gets boring and isn't that fun when only two to three squads see the table in a given game.