Hero Forge ... More DnD projects

Dungeons & Dragons – I have several DnD projects in the works now for a few clients. The big one is a bunch of dungeon terrain with a few interesting monsters to help populate that dungeon. I also have a few Hero Forge Custom Character minis coming in from clients who what to get their special models painted up for the tabletop.The concept is pretty cool and it seems like a reasonable cost to get a model made to match the pen and paper character they created.

The terrain has a large altar and large portal. The quality of these casts is really pretty good. I need to ask my client where he got the pieces from because they're very interesting. I'm sticking with a basic stone work color on these so they will fit in pretty much anywhere. Even with just a base cost and wash you can tell this is going to be nice looking piece when I'm done.

The bulk of this project consists of scatter terrain like tables, book shelves, small portals, torture implements, an archery range and throne. To get started I put down a base coat of brown light dry brush of a tan followed by a wash of agrax earthshade. For the stonework it was a similar process using grays instead of browns.

Also part of this job are some really cool looking Gargoyles. The quality of the casts on these was pretty poor so I had to do some intensive re-sculpting and bubble filling. Once that was done though the models are beautiful. I opted to do these in a purple color to differentiate them from the stone base.

Hero Forge makes custom 3D printed characters. The quality of the dwarf is pretty good for a 3D print, the plastic is brittle compared to gray styrene. The level of detail is pretty comparable to the better Reaper Bones models without being floppy.