Chemical Romance - Guild Ball Alchemists WIP

Guild Ball – I put together an alchemist team for a client with some additional union players recently. Much like the Hunters Guild I did previously these models went together smoothly and look really good. For the paint scheme my client was concerned about having two teams that were primarily green. To solve the issue I'm using a medical looking pale green and copper as the general scheme. I think it's going to look pretty cool as the green color is similar to what happens to copper as it ages.

He also asked me to build him two goals for the teams. After digging around my boxes of bits I found stuff to build a campsite for the Hunters and a Alchemical Candle for the Alchemists. I'm excited to get paint on these as they turned out pretty cool.

The campsite is mostly Hirst Arts pieces set up to look like bags of supplies around a smoldering fire. The candle is a combination of a hex piece from an old pegasus kit, GW light post and a faux flame insert. Simple enough to put together but very effective.