On the painting table ... Wolves

Warhammer 40,000 – What do you do when you have two models of the same character from different eras? Well I suppose you commission someone to paint it up as a unique model to represent a different loadout. One of my regular clients came across a full complement of Space Wolf character models in a bargin bin and sent them over to get painted like the rest of his force. 

First up is the old style Logan Grimnar model. The direction on this one was to make him look like a younger model armed with a black axe. Young celtic inspired space viking screams red hair to me so that's the direction I opted to go in. The black wolf pelt is there to balance the black of the axe and pull that color throughout the model. The armour is the same slate gray with two coats of drakenfild wash to match the rest of the force.

The second model for this batch is the Wolf Priest Njal Stormcaller. This is a older librarian character so I tried to keep the hair gray and the skin pale, dealing with the warp takes quite a bit out of a guy you know. The rest of the paint follows suit with the other models in the force which you can see here and here.