Blood for the Blood God ...Khorne Berserkers


Warhammer 40,000 – Fighting twice in close combat is a good thing. Which explains why every Chaos force I paint has at least a unit or two of Khorne Berserkers. If they can reach you in any kind of numbers there are going to be some major casualties.

This particular group is to go along with a new Iron Warriors army I'm painting for a client. He wanted the Berserkers painted in World Eater colors just in case he was to run them as a separate detachment with the most berserker of them all Kharn.

Painting on these is a Mephiston Red base, brass, gunmetal with a earthshade wash. I highlighted the bronze with gold and did edge highlights with Evil Sunz Scarlett. The green is a fluorescent paint with a wash of greenshade.


To go along with the Berserkers is a group of terminators. Being able to use a stratagem to make them fight again with make these deep striking bad boys even scarier.