Iron Within ... Iron Warriors


Warhammer 40,000 – Iron Warriors used to be something to fear back in the days of the old force organization chart having extra heavy slots meant a bunch of Obliterators coming down and wrecking face. In 8th edition they have the most lackluster of Legion Traits but one of the best relics. Regardless of how strong they are the color scheme is striking and makes for a good looking force. 

The force I'm currently working on has a good mix of basic Chaos Marine troopers as well as Cultists. As the backbone of any force these guys will handle grabbing objectives and ignoring cover when shooting at units that are dug in. 

Paint for these guys is mostly gunmetal, black and yellow with gold trim. The cultists have some grey mixed in and remind me a bit of some Steelers fans. Whether thats good or bad I don't know but they are different looking from any other rabble you see on the table.


A Dark Apostle, Sorceror and Chaos Lord fill out the HQ slots and follow the same color scheme as the rest. I used yellow for the capes and robes to pull the look of chevrons throughout while avoiding an awkward stripe pattern on the fabric.