On the painting table ... More Black Legion

Warhammer 40,000 – The next phase of this Black Legion CSM project is three more squads of raptors, a rhino and ten standard chaos space marines. As I work my way through these I'm beginning to think I should charge a premium for the amount of trim on these models. It looks amazing once it's done but getting there is a journey. It's most noticeable on the raptors as the trim forms lightning bolts all along the greaves and other surfaces that are typically flat which means a bit more brush time. I don't mind though. Most chaos armies that cross my table consist of so many cultists that i forget how nice the rest of the line looks.

I did some minor tweaking to the champions of two of the raptor units adding some arms from the old mutation sprue. I also put trophy poles on two of the standard CSM just in case my client wants to run them as two five man units. 

Paint is the same as the rest of the force. A simple three color job with a wash and minor edge highlights.