Off the painting table ... Spawning Pool

Warhammer 40,000 – The Black Legion force I've been working on is now ready for the 13th Black Crusade. Well I guess that's not technically true as my client has several more units he wants to add to this force which will be crossing my table soon.

In this batch I had a Daemon Prince, Raptor Lord, a unit of five Raptors, seven Terminators, and a Chaos Spawn. The way I understand it this combined with the Khorne Beserkers, Terminator Lord and three other Terminators will be enough for him to field a formation or combined arms detachment. 

To paint these I start with a dark gray and gunmetal metallic color. Once that has been blocked in I do a wash of Nuln Oil. Once that has dried I go in with a brass for the trim and Mephistion Red for the cloth, and a off-white for the bone, I then wash this with Agrax Earthshade and let it dry. The edge highlights are then applied with a slightly lighter dark gray and the trim with a bright gold. The eyes are painted with a fluorescent yellow.

The bruised flesh color on the Prince, Spawn and Raptor Lord was achieved with a Kisliev Flesh base coat, Drucci Violet wash and an Elf Flesh Highlight. I'm really happy with how this turned out and might used the same technique on my own Slaanesh Daemons when I get back to working on that force.