Down with the Sickness - Plaguebearers


Warhammer 40,000 – Nurgle seems to be really popular in 8th Edition. Which makes sense when you consider how important screening and board control are to most of the missions. That paired with a pretty amazing product line means many of these disease ridden daemons have traversed my tabletop.

This latest batch is a little different as the client requested some variety in skin tone. So I started with two colors or green and a flesh tone as my base. A quick wash of Athonian Camoshade got them to a nice dirty look and some gore effects finished them off.

Little Snots - Nurgle Three Color Daemons

Warhammer 40,000 - The next batch of Daemons is done. These are part of an economy commission I'm doing for one of my clients. It's a fairly simple "three color" scheme that's meant to look messy and gross.

To get the effect I start with a olive drab basecoat. I then paint any of the metal either brass or gunmetal. A quick dry-brush of an almost neon green pulls out the details and adds a interesting texture to the metal bits. I then got into the mouths, pustules and wounds on the models with a light pink, which is pretty jarring looking at this point. To tie the while model together and tone down the super bright colors I do a full wash of Crimson. This fills in the recesses, tones down the color and makes everything look infected and sore. Once the wash dries I dot the eyes with neon yellow and pick out the teeth and horns with ivory.

At this point these are done to and economy standard. If I was painting these to a higher level I'd do some pale yellow highlights, add some washes of purple, yellow and green to really bring out that infected look and probably add some Nurgle's Rot and Blood for the Blood God Technical paint. I have a feeling when my client has his characters ready I'll be taking them up a notch.

Just Plain Gross - Nurgle Plague Bearers

Just Plain Gross - Nurgle Plague Bearers

Warhammer 40,000 - One of my Chaos Space Marine clients recently dropped off a bunch of Nurgle Daemons to get painted. He's starting up new force in preparation for 8th where it's thought that Nurgle will see some serious love. Based on what I've seen in the rumor mill and in the official releases that should be the case.

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