On the painting table ... Flying Plagues

Warhammer 40,000 – The Nurgle force I've been slowly adding to for a client just got some fresh additions in the for of some giant disgusting flies. These are a simple three-color job so not nearly as disgusting as I could make them, but effective non-the-less.

To do a quick and easy Nurgle force I start with a olive green base (Castellan Green Base). Then I paint all the guts, sores and boils with a light pink. Once those colors have dried I paint the metal bits with bronze and gunmetal. A quick drybrush of a neon green (similar to Moot Green) brings out the details and tones down the color a bit. I then wash the whole thing with Carroburg Crimson. Once that dries the model has a weird green shade with a crusty scab-like shade of the whole thing. I then dot the eyes with neon yellow and pick out any bone details.

For these flying creatures I painted the wings Celestial Grey to start and washed with Agrax Earthshade. A quick dry-brush of White Scar picks out the details.

There's obviously a ton more I could do to make these models look amazing, but for a basic paint job these are done.