On the painting table ... Black Legion

Warhammer 40,000 – I have another Black Legion Client, apparently he saw the work I did for another client with the same army and really liked what I did. Back in third edition Black Legion was my first army when I got back into the game and have always been one of my favorite bad guys.

This batch of models includes a Daemon Prince, several units of Possessed and some Warp Talons. These are by far the most visually striking of the current Chaos Marine kits and I was excited to get to work on them. These are my high level tabletop so there are several layers of highlights and shades, which takes a bit longer to do working around all the trim on the Warp Talons.

I start with a really dark gray base and a bronze base coat on all the trim. This then gets a wash of Nulin Oil to put down the initial shading and pick out the details. I find this is easier to do than starting with a pure black base, It seems to get more depth.

The flesh tone starts with a base of Kislev Flesh washed with Drucci Violet. This is then highlighted with Kislev Flesh. The effect is a bruised unnatural looking flesh tone that stands out nicely against the black and gold of the rest of the model.

I'm happy with how the reds and purples stand out against the dark power armor. The bright gold highlights and bits of bone make the trim and other details pop.

While some aspects of painting these models can get tedious the final look is rewarding and worth the extra time. I'm looking forward to seeing what else my client will be adding to his force.