Make it Smaller ... Raptors at 1,000

Warhammer 40,000 – So I really liked what my initial Raptors list did on the table. It felt like the special forces style of play I was going for and the individual elements seem to have played their parts really well. As a 1v1 force that allows Forgeworld I look forward to playing that list.

Unfortunately due to time constraints my weekly game night is making some adjustments to point level going down from 2,000 points per player to 1,000 points per player. Hopefully we'll be able to finish more games at this level. Perhaps once 8th edition becomes old hat we can increase the level back up, however with new codexes on the horizon I imagine it's going to take some time to memorize everything your army can do.

Some of the units I chose with my initial list were really pricey, so fitting them into 1,000 points wasn't going to happen. Looking through the index and playing with a list builder I was able to reduce my units and replace the Fire Raptor with a Storm Talon. No where near as good but it gives me the air support element to tie in with the stealthy infiltrating ground forces.

Here's my Vanguard List:
HQ – Liass Issodon
Troop – Five Scouts with Sniper Rifles
Troop – Five Scouts with Shotguns
Elite – Apothecary
Elite – Imperial Marine
Elite – Company Veterans 3x Combi-meltas, 2x Melta Guns
Elite – Company Veterans 3x Combi-meltas, 2x Melta Guns
Flyer – Stormtalon, Two Las Cannons, Twin Assault Cannons

The Stormtalon will play the same roll as the Fire Raptor did previously. Put out a bunch of shots and fly across the board forcing my opponents to deal with it before they loose to many units. It's not going to absorb as much damage as my first choice but then again it's almost 1/4 of the cost.

Dropping down to two Vet Squads shouldn't be to much of an issue. The three seemed like overkill on occasion. To replace the third I put in an Imperial Marine and an Apothecary. Either one is a good choice to "strike from the shadows" with the vets and Liass. The Apothecary will help mitigate the return fire the squads with receive. While the Imperial Marine can put out some high damage shots on key targets. I feel like with these two it might be difficult to chose how I deploy them.

Rounding out the force are two units of scouts. One with sniper rifles the other with shotguns. Both of these units are to distract my opponent. The snipers might be able to pick off a minor character or two to draw some fire away from my more expensive units. While the shotguns are great at running in and getting off a lucky shot of two before tying up a unit in close combat. Since both can deploy far forward they should be in a good position most games.

At half the points this list is honestly half as scary. Losing some powerful units might really hurt with a force this small. However I feel like this does enough of the same that I'll still enjoying putting it on the table.

I'm not going to get a chance to try this out for a few weeks as my lists for the Konor Campaign are already locked in but I will try to get paint on most of these models in my spare time so the list is looking as good on the field as it does on paper.

Rumour has it that Forgeworld Chapters may pull from their progenitors so my Raptors and Carcadons would both use the Ravenguard Tactics which will be really cool if it bears out to be true.