Something Sickly This Way Comes – Death Guard Characters


Warhammer 40,000 – The Death Guard has been very popular with my clients as of late. I doubt that the fact the core models were easy to acquire in the core box for a discount is the only reason I’ve seen an uptick in commission requests for these followers of the Plague God. I think having a resilient force able to hold objectives or tarpit your opponent is probably the more likely reason these guys are finally getting some love from my clients.

This time around I have a batch of characters to go with the Mortarion I recently painted. For the characters he wanted them more of the traditional green color to match some of the troops he’s painting himself. To differentiate the two Lords of Contagion I painted one in a slightly different shade which I matched to the Typhus. In person the Typhus sculpt isn’t to bad looking. It’s not as menacing as the original but with a less pastel paint job it’s pretty creepy.