Golden Boys

Warhammer 40,000 – Last year about this time I painted up an Emperor’s Talons force of Custodes and Sisters of Silence. Since that time the Custodes book has been released as a stand-alone codex with a host of new models.

Some people with build an army list to the points level they intend on playing, build and paint the models and not do anything else with the list until an FAQ or Chapter . Approved changes costs or function and they need to adjust their list. Others will collect the maximum number of models and units they intend on using along with any variations to allow them to build lists on the fly from a vast collection. My client on this job falls into the second category.

Having options allows him to experiment and try different things with all his Imperial forces. This keeps the game from getting stale, his opponents can’t hate build lists because he’s always changing and he gets the maximum value out of his collection. Having options also futue proofs you against the semi-annual changes this edition has brought about.

Painting on these is pretty straightforward. Falling into my basic level with a few options meant I wasn’t going crazy with metallic highlights or subtle variations on gold tones. Instead a basic copper coat followed by a bright gold drybrush does most of the work. After applying the reds and parchment colors I wash the model with earthshade and clean up once it dries.