Building a Brothel

Malifaux – The downtown board I started a while back is looking pretty bare. Having found a little extra time I decided to revive this project and begin building the individual structures. Looking at the overhead view of the table, I've identified (5) sections that require structures to look complete.

(A) Central multistory structure – This will be the brothel, I'm going to base this while section of town on the Red Chappel District so it makes sense for Seamus to have a safe house in the area. This building will cover the two levels of the board. I'm not going to detail the interiors, but will add some balconies for model interaction.

(B) City Block 1 – This with be several store fronts connected with a catwalk/balcony. I'll have an alleyway or two with stairs leading to the next level.

(C) Bridge – Will connect the two halves of the table to increase interactivity between the various areas.

(D) Dockside structures – Similar to the store fronts up top this will flesh out the lower street level. 

(E) City Block 2 – This with be several store fronts connected with a catwalk/balcony. I'll have an alleyway or two with stairs leading to the next level.

As the central structure is going to be a defining piece for this table I decided to start there. After taking measurements, I cut some gatorfoam to shape for the walls of the structure. Using some glue and pins I put together the walls, and dry fit it into place to be sure it fits snug into the gap. 

After the base structure drys it will be time to add some detailing. I like the idea of a Tudor style building mixed in with the look of the old Mordheim terrain. I happen to have a bunch of the corner pieces that will help add some additional texture to this structure.  The timber and plaster look will mesh well with some more modern looking brick and stone stuctures to indicate the rapid growth and renewal of Malifaux city proper. 

Joining the Guild

Malifaux – I just finished up the Death Marshals and Ortega crew boxes. These were a commission for my friend Dave, he just moved to Wisconsin for an internship and is hoping to get the local store up there interested in Malifaux. Originally he was playing Arcanists using Ramos as his master. I think he's going to find the Guild fits his play-style better. He has a thing for the "red" armies, in Warhammer 40K he has a couple thousand points of Khorne Daemons and Bezerkers, Warmachine he plays Khador, in Necromunda he plays the Goliaths and in D&D he's usually a barbarian. So the in your face style of Lady Justice is really going to suit him better than the way Ramos plays. 

I tried to keep brown and red as a primary color scheme throughout all the models. For the Ortegas I stuck with a traditional Caucasian skin tone so as not to lose the flesh in the leather coats. I'm really happy with how Lady Justice turned out, the white jumpsuit makes her stand out on the table. I achieved the slightly other-worldly skin tone on the Death Marshals by applying a purple wash to the skin. This gives them a not quite human appearance without looking like undead flesh.

The bases were constructed from cork and a sand/litter mixture. Painting them in various shades of brown and applying a sepia wash gives them a nice earthy color. The grass is from Woodlandscenics. I've mixed flock, static grass and some coarse turf to give a more natural appearance. I've found that by applying brush on super glue, than dipping the model in a bag of the mixture and blowing off the excess, the grass sticks very well and will stand up.