Seventh Edition 40K - 3000 Point Game

Warhammer 40,000 – Over the weekend I was able to schedule a 3,000 point game with one of the guys in my game club. We decided to play 3000 points using the mission cards with standard 12" deployment zones. Rather than play a standard mission we just opted to use the cards and score (1) VP for each unit you destroy.

Here's the rules we used for the cards:

  • Draw 3 the first turn (Discard and draw new any time the mission is impossible because something like a psyker isn't on the table.
  • Draw a new card for each mission you complete at the beginning of your next turn.
  • You can opt to discard (1) card per turn and draw a new one. 

They seem to work pretty good and encourage you to play a different game every time. The randomness can feel a bit swingy but it feels better than rushing the objectives on the last turn.

Prior to the game we discussed using Super-heavies and Apoc Formations and left it open. (I thought the consensus was leaning towards not using them but based on what showed up to the table I seem to have misunderstood..)

My list consisted of:

Pedro Kantor

(1) Ten-man Sternguard squad in a Droppod

(1) Nine-man Sternguard squad in a Droppod

(5) Ten-man Tactical squads in Rhinos

(1) Landraider Achilles

(1) three man centurion squad with grav-cannons in a Landraider Redeemer 

(1) three man centurion squad with grav-cannons in a Landraider Crusader 

His list was something like:

(1) Warhound Chaos Titan 

(1) Apoc Formation Lost & the Damned (gives them feel no pain and without number)

(2) Havok Squads

(2) Chaos Marine Squads in Rhinos

(1) Obliterator Unit

(1) Chaos Sorcerer

(2) Hell-Drakes

I got first turn and proceeded to turn cultists into red-mist with bolter fire, amazingly many of them didn't die due to feel-no-pain. I was also able to score two of my cards netting me a few points on the first turn ... Nifty. My opponent went and proceeded to roll poorly with the Titan and only wiped out a unit on centurions and took some hull points off a landraider.

I was able to drop behind the wall of cultists to get at the Chaos Marines with my Sternguard and took out two units with my vengeance rounds. Unfortunately the gambit didn't pay off as I had hoped with the Obliterators popping up and plasma cannoning me to death. 

Things get a bit foggy here as I didn't take notes but the Hell-drakes came in and took out any unit not in a transport with the flamer template. The cultist seemed to be extremely resilient and soaked up a ton of wounds. 

When the smoke cleared at the end of turn 5, all I had left was a partial unit of tactical marines and a rhino. The final score was Twilight Ravens 15; Chaos Marines 26.

Given I didn't try and do anything to the Titan I'm surprised the game was this close. If I had built the list tailored to taking a Warhound out it might have been a different story but I'm happy with what the list I played did. If I would have opted for all drop pods instead of rhinos  I don't think the wall of cultists would have been as big of a deal. 

It was a fun game and a good test run for the force I'm going to run against a hug guard army later this month.