Building Droppods

Warhammer 40,000 – So for Christmas I received six drop pods up until now they sat safely tucked away in their shrink-wrap. During a brief lull in my commission work (while waiting for the primer to dry) I sat down and tried to build one of these. 

Back when drop pods were first introduced as a transport option for marines I had built a bunch of paper models out of cardstock and foamcore. These have served me well up until this point as they serve their purpose and are about the same size as the plastic model. Of course the doors don't open and they don't look quite as nice but during games I was more concerned with function over form. 

Now that I'm slowly completing this army I decided I should have the real model. 

Assembly for these was pretty simple and the first one I built went together well. The doors do seem to be an issue so I'm going to look into how to make them stay shut and only open when I want them to.

I still need to add the Raven iconography to the exterior of the pod but over-all I really like how they look and can't wait to get the rest built up to use in my games.

It will be nice to have the official models on the tabletop finally. Although I will miss my fourth edition paper stand-ins.