Iron Without ... Iron Warriors

Warhammer 40,000 – Vehicles are so much better in 8th edition. The Landraider is the king of them all. A great save and giant guns make this monster a pain to get off the table. Troop Transports can harass the enemy after getting their cargo where it needs to be. Heavy support tanks like the Vindicator can be difficult to take out as they fire on the enemies equipped to take it out. The days of an all infantry force are at an end.


The Iron Warrior paint scheme looks best on tanks. The chevrons fill in the large flat areas and add interest with the grimy gunmetal looks menacing. 


The Heldrake is the essential piece of air support for a Chaos force. While it no longer has the benefits of being hard to hit, it can now swoop down and fight ground units. If you're familiar with the Freeblade mobile game you know what a pain they can be.