Wacky Racers? More Gaslands Cars

Gaslands – One thing about "mad-maxifying" Hot Wheels cars is it's pretty easy if you're not concerned with be accurate or to scale. It's also really enjoyable to mash together parts to make something unique for your Wasteland Warriors to ride in. 


I've built a bunch of cars primarily focusing on just making them look cool. At some point I need to break them down into teams and can cost (Gaslands using "cans" as the point system, a typical team is 50 cans). 

Back in the day I used to enjoy Twisted Metal so building and Ice Cream truck was a must. The pack I picked up had an Ice Cream Truck and Taco Truck so I'll have both of them ready to go. I think putting a flame thrower on the taco truck will be funny. (maybe even rear mounted...lol) 

With this batch I have a pretty solid collection of cars:
• Ice Cream Truck with front mount mini-gun and drill dozer ram
• Lamborgini Urus with front mount heavy machine gun
• Hummer with rockets and drill dozer ram
• Van with turret mounted flame thrower
• Hot Rod with front mounted machine gun
• Hot Rod with front mounted machine gun
• Buggy with turret mounted machine gun
• Baha Truck with twin front mounted machine guns
• El Camino with tank treads and turret mounted mini-gun
• Monster Truck with Ram
• Duck Boat with front mounted heavy machine gun
• Lamborgini Countach with Thumper
• Lamborgini Galleo with Thumper