If everyone else jumped off a bridge....


Warhammer 40,000 – So command points are super important in most codex armies in 8th edition 40K. Mixing armies seems to also be pretty important to build the most effective fighting force. I've never been a huge fan of Imperial Guard but I recently read the Rogue Trader Omnibus and found the Guard unit that the main character joined up with to fight the Tau interesting. I really enjoyed how the novels paired Space Marines, Guard, Knights/Titans, Inquisitors, Priests and Rogue traders together in a Crusade force. Seeing how they worked together inspired me to make an Imperial force. Now since soup is dead mixing armies with only 3 detachments is tricky. Particularly if you want to include Agents of the Imperium (it's pretty sad that the cool fluffy Imperium keyword got beat down for competitive play, but whatever) so I won't be able to include everything I want in a single force but perhaps I can make several elements so I can pull from the various factions taking part in my Crusade.


My list consists of:

Imperial Guard Battalion - Catachan (5CP)
HQ - Commander Warlord - Grand Strategist
HQ - Commander Warlord - Crowes Aquilla
TROOP - Guard Infantry w/ Morter Team
TROOP - Guard Infantry w/ Morter Team
TROOP - Guard Infantry w/ Morter Team

Blood Angels Battalion (5CP) (-3CP for Relics)
HQ - Commander with Thunder Hammer/Storm Sheild with Angel's Wing
HQ - Librarian with Veritas Vitae
TROOP - Sniper Scouts with Heavy Bolter
TROOP - Sniper Scouts with Missile Launcher
TROOP - Shotgun Scout
FAST - Scout Bikers
FAST - Inceptors
ELITE - Aggressors with Flame Storm Gauntlets
ELITE - Aggressors with Flame Storm Gauntlets

Super Heavy Detachment (3CP)
Knight Crusader
Armiger Helverin
Armiger Helverin

I faced off against a horde of Killa Kans and Grots, and had a surprisingly difficult time with the matchup. The fact that it was Maelstrom made it and incredibly close game. My opponent pointed out that I had been using the Flame Storm Gauntlets incorrectly as the pair of them gets 2D6 shots rather than each one, so its really just a unit with six flamers which is still good just not as bonkers as I had thought previously. 


I'm really happy with how the list played and after some tweaks I'm going to focus on getting each detachment fully painted.